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A number of our members are studying audio production at university – for a recent assessment Kathleen, Sadie and Robert decided to produce skills based features for the cooperative. The subjects covered are field recording, ethics and evocative sound.

Robert Ruthven – Field Recording
Robert – I originally planned to take a group out on a field recording training day, we’ve done these before and they’re great fun. I was going to record wee clips of people going “oo this is something I found difficult” and “hmm aye here is some advice” but as with many uni assessments it never panned out that way. I’m glad I ended up with this format, I think Jodie’s lion impressions are stellar. The tape I got from Lauren is incredible, I’m probably going to make a longer version of this just to include it all. I recorded this on an Edirol R-09HR which I recently wrote a guide for on this site.

Kathleen Kidd – The Sound of Winter
I really wanted to make an ambient piece that had a winter feel. Our next set of workshops are based on seasonal audio, and I wanted to create an example for people to listen to, to get an idea or feel of how a seasonal piece may sound. I’m really happy with the result and I’m also glad I got to work with two great writers from Monday Monologues at Cameron’s. Featuring: Carolyn O’Hara Louis Jenkins Cathy Costello

Sadie Woods – Please Don’t Say F**k
Sadie – I knew I wanted to do an educational piece and decided on ethics for a few reasons. Firstly I felt it was an interesting topic and one which contained a lot of interesting grey areas. Secondly I have always been obsessed with the concept of cutting up tape of someone to make them sound as if they have said something totally different and I have been playing with this concept a lot recently. Making this piece the main thing I learned was how difficult it is to get in contact with members of ethics boards as they all seem very reluctant to speak to anyone. The contributors were: Angus Ruthven, Holly Woods, and Peter Gardiner.

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