The Scottish Audio Cooperative is an audio production and training organisation based in Ayr, Scotland. We run weekly workshops in audio production, ranging from podcasts to field recording for screen.

The cooperative was formed in early 2017 by a group of like minded independent producers looking for a way to collaborate on work and to engage with the local community.

Kathleen Kidd BA Broadcast Production
I was brought up in Glasgow, and I went to stage school from 9 years old. Focusing on acting, I worked on different television shows including a series for CBBC. At 21, I went on to study Broadcast production at the University of the West of Scotland, where I am about to begin my honours year. Recently I worked as a sound recordist on The Circuit, Scotland’s first 360-degree virtual reality film which featured as the centrepiece of the Glasgow Short Film Festival. My podcast A Night of Horror is a horror podcast series which won second place in the 2016 Amateur Podcasting Championships. The series has a following of over three thousand on Twitter.
I decided to start leading my weekly workshops to let people realise the endless possibilities of podcasting. Over the last year, I have seen a number of people try podcasting that have never tried it before and gain not only a solid basis in podcasting, but also confidence in presenting, team work and made strong friendships – that has made everyone’s time in the group extra special.

Robert Ruthven BA Broadcast Production
I began my career in audio production with Sticklebacks Radio, a uniquely unpopular internet radio programme I still occasionally produce with my brother Angus. Despite the terrible #numbers it still inspired me to finish my bachelors with distinction in Broadcast Production at UWS in Ayr, where I was Station Manager of UWS Radio for four years. I have been a part of the cooperative from the very beginning and I am very excited to be here among so many interesting and creative people.

I’m interested in comedy, drama, documentaries, soundscapes and experimental radio formats. I am currently producing End of the Schedule, which routinely ranks in the top 3 of the mixcloud student charts. You can hear this, and other projects I’m involved in, on

Sadie Woods BA Broadcast Production
I first discovered podcasting at the age of 16 when I joined a youth podcasting group at my local library. I learned basic recording and interviewing techniques in order to interview local young adult authors for New York Library. From there I began looking further into writing for radio and television and at 17 I was accepted to study Broadcast Production in Ayr. Although I started off planning to go into to television I was quickly drawn to radio and I am now moving into my fourth year with a specialisation in radio. I have done sound work for a number of projects with the Cumnock Tryst and more recently had the chance to work as assistant producer on series 2 of the award winning podcast A Night of Horror.
I joined radio club to learn new skills not offered by my course and feel that I have made huge strides in my audio production. I am currently working to improve my technical skills and have become much more confident in my editing work. Through radio club I have begun work on a series of mini podcast episodes which I intend to work into a bigger project in the near future.
It’s not just audio production skills that radio club has helped me with. As a result of this group I have been learning to programme text adventure games using Twine and have programmed two adventures already. In the near future I hope to begin learning the basics of music production. I enjoy our weekly meetings and am keen to continue to push myself to produce new content with concepts I have never tried before.

Michelle Dowd
I’m a musician, writer, model and photographer. I am from Randalstown, Northern Ireland. For 15 months, I worked at BBC Radio Ulster as an Apprentice Content Assistant. My job duties included researching, scriptwriting, making radio packages and interviewing contributors. I mostly make poetry/drama/music pieces and this allows me to explore my passion for writing and storytelling. I joined Radio Club last October because I wanted to improve my editing skills and with all the packages I’ve made, I’ve noticed a huge improvement and that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for this club. There’s a great social aspect to the group and I can now say I’ve made friends for life.



Clair Love
I grew up in Ayr and have always been surrounded by creative family and friends. I originally started with a basis in art and taught myself to draw and paint, I then went on to study fashion design. I spent time in my youth at folk festivals and have always been interested in all sorts of music. Further to that I’ve worked in retail management and have run charity events for kids and adults.

After having to leave my job in 2016, with only computer games to keep me company, I lost confidence in myself and my creative ability. I found the Scottish Audio Cooperative a fantastic place to start to build myself up again. The weekly meetings have allowed me to meet like-minded creatives, lasting friendships and really expand what I’m capable of. I’m interested in a variety of things from Scottish comedy to hard-hitting documentaries, the criminal psyche and content for kids.

Although I haven’t studied audio production and didn’t have experience in creating podcasts or music, I have now learned how to produce and edit my own content on a range of editing suites. I look forward to being able to hone my skills and start work on some really great content. I’m currently learning script writing with great support from others in the group.

Lauren Fraser BA(Hons) Broadcast Production
I’m a bit of a jack of all trades – a people person, a comedy writer, multi-instrumentalist, editor and researcher among other things. I’m interested in Scottish comedy, music shows, reviews, documentaries, games and creative writing. I have a strong background in sound production. I completed a degree in Broadcast Production in 2013, specialising in radio, and since then have been working on various audio pieces.

I’ve had work experience at Film City Glasgow, helped with events at the CCA and I am the project co-ordinator of Sketchy, a Scottish comedy sketch show workshop that teaches and tests writing and recording and how to consolidate your material into manageable chunks then push it on to the next stage.

I’ve worked with so many people on their projects and my own live radio shows over the years and I’m so glad I’ve found the Scottish Audio Cooperative. It’s a great place to showcase your work and improvements are seen from everyone every week. Getting back into the habit of creating and learning has really upped my game.

Andrew Jones
I’m a freelance Actor & Technician, with experience on stage and screen. I’ve been looking to branch out into Voice Acting and develop skills in Broadcasting and Post Production. So far, my audio has been very narrative – focused: largely interviews or one voice telling a story.

I’m interested in creating the kind of audio I grew up listening to: Audio-Books for children and Documentaries. Very different genres with very different requirements. I didn’t quite know where to begin, but thanks to the co-op I’ve been able to make real progress towards creating the kind of work and art I want to hear.

Thanks to the Scottish Audio Cooperative, and the support and advice of talented people like Kathleen, Rob and Sadie, my confidence in Radio Production has really grown. I know how to proceed with my ideas, create the content I want to, and I’m excited to see what I come up with in the future.